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Find out what alpaca fiber and it's products are all about on this newly formed organization's website.  We think you will be surprised.  It is now a young, one and a half yrs old, as of 5/1/2012.


Alpaca United is a textile fiber company created and funded by the North American Alpaca farmers and processors to make their fiber more competitive in world markets.

Our mission is to continuously and holistically help our investors increase their competitive advantage with Alpaca fiber by delivering business solutions through research, product development, branding and affinity marketing. We ensure that our investors achieve their tactical and strategic business goals by unifying logistical solutions to reduce costs and seamlessly manage business processes throughout the fiber supply chain.

Alpaca United. Feel Luxury.


"Preserving a Rare Breed of Fine Srui Alpacas..."

Is The Triple Z Alpaca Farm and....


Updated July 26, 2012